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How the Ursa Fairy Stories Came to be Written . . .


When my daughter was in fifth grade, she started having health problems that caused her to miss two or three days of school at a time. We found ourselves going from doctor to doctor, trying to find out what was wrong.

One day, while sitting in yet another waiting room, I was doodling in the sketchbook I had brought along. Suddenly, God dropped a picture into my mind - a fuzzy teddy bear with wings and antennae. This was the first Ursa fairy sketch, with others to follow. I soon began jotting down notes about their customs and daily lives.

In 1999, God helped me create the first Ursa fairy story - King Arnon and the Ursa Fairies - which presents the gospel in the imaginary world of the Ursa fairies. Since then, God has helped me to write many more stories, each with themes focusing on Godís love and the ways He works in our lives.

God promises to work all things for good for those who love Him. The Ursa fairy stories are just one example of how He does exactly that.

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